• Financial due diligence
  • Validation
  • Drafting and modelling of takeover financial projection
  • Accounting audits
  • Analysis of terms and conditions of financing
The of this offer

Manage information sharing with third parties through secured data rooms via our Digital Business Access portal


  • Corporate law
  • Commercial law
  • Social law
  • Drafting of LOI


  • Tax and social audits
  • Regulated activities, etc.


  • Asset audits and valuation
  • Specific carrying and financing conditions, etc.

Intellectual Property

Audit and valuation of patents, licences, brands

Information System

  • Governance audits
  • Risks and performance measurement on the current IT environment
  • Assessment of upgrade and harmonization cost /ROI


  • Organisational and processes audit, from a risk and effectiveness point of view
  • HR function and processes audit
  • Division audits based on “best practices” approach